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Class OrderUpdate

Class for initializing and constructing OrderUpdate






Optional actionOrderId

actionOrderId: undefined | string

Required. The canonical order id referencing this order. If integrators don't generate the canonical order id in their system, they can simply copy over google_order_id included in order.

Optional cancellationInfo

Information about cancellation state.

Optional fulfillmentInfo

Information about fulfillment state.

Optional googleOrderId

googleOrderId: undefined | string

Id of the order is the Google-issued id.

Optional inTransitInfo

Information about in transit state.

Optional infoExtension

infoExtension: ApiClientObjectMap<any>

Extra data based on a custom order state or in addition to info of a standard state.

Optional lineItemUpdates

lineItemUpdates: ApiClientObjectMap<GoogleActionsV2OrdersLineItemUpdate>

Map of line item-level changes, keyed by item id. Optional.

Optional orderManagementActions

orderManagementActions: GoogleActionsV2OrdersOrderUpdateAction[]

Updated applicable management actions for the order, e.g. manage, modify, contact support.

Optional orderState

The new state of the order.

Optional receipt

Receipt for order.

Optional rejectionInfo

Information about rejection state.

Optional returnInfo

Information about returned state.

Optional totalPrice

New total price of the order

Optional updateTime

updateTime: undefined | string

When the order was updated from the app's perspective.

Optional userNotification

If specified, displays a notification to the user with the specified title and text. Specifying a notification is a suggestion to notify and is not guaranteed to result in a notification.

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