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Interface GoogleActionsV2ExpectedIntent


  • GoogleActionsV2ExpectedIntent

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Optional inputValueData

inputValueData: ApiClientObjectMap<any>

Additional configuration data required by a built-in intent. Possible values for the built-in intents: actions.intent.OPTION -> [google.actions.v2.OptionValueSpec], actions.intent.CONFIRMATION -> [google.actions.v2.ConfirmationValueSpec], actions.intent.TRANSACTION_REQUIREMENTS_CHECK -> [google.actions.v2.TransactionRequirementsCheckSpec], actions.intent.DELIVERY_ADDRESS -> [google.actions.v2.DeliveryAddressValueSpec], actions.intent.TRANSACTION_DECISION -> [google.actions.v2.TransactionDecisionValueSpec], actions.intent.PLACE -> [google.actions.v2.PlaceValueSpec], actions.intent.Link -> [google.actions.v2.LinkValueSpec]

Optional intent

intent: undefined | string

The built-in intent name, e.g. actions.intent.TEXT, or intents defined in the action package. If the intent specified is not a built-in intent, it is only used for speech biasing and the input provided by the Google Assistant will be the actions.intent.TEXT intent.

Optional parameterName

parameterName: undefined | string

Optionally, a parameter of the intent that is being requested. Only valid for requested intents. Used for speech biasing.

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