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Interface GoogleActionsV2OrdersProposedOrder


  • GoogleActionsV2OrdersProposedOrder


Optional cart

User's items.

Optional extension

extension: ApiClientObjectMap<any>

Extension to the proposed order based on the kind of order. For example, if the order includes a location then this extension will contain a OrderLocation value.

Optional id

id: undefined | string

Optional id for this ProposedOrder. Included as part of the ProposedOrder returned back to the integrator at confirmation time.

Optional image

Image associated with the proposed order.

Optional otherItems

Fees, adjustments, subtotals, etc.

Optional termsOfServiceUrl

termsOfServiceUrl: undefined | string

A link to the terms of service that apply to this proposed order.

Optional totalPrice

Total price of the proposed order. If of type ACTUAL, this is the amount the caller will charge when the user confirms the proposed order.

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